Recovery Unplugged co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Paul Pellinger took to the airwaves last week to let everyone in the Greater Miami area know what we were all about. DJ Stichiz from Miami hip-hop station 103.5 The Beat was kind enough to let Paul drop some knowledge on her audience about how Recovery Unplugged helps clients overcome addiction through music assisted treatment. We’re always glad to tell the world about what we do at Recovery Unplugged and were grateful to DJ Stichiz that she let us talk to her audience for a bit during an amazing hour of music.

Listen to Paul describe the Recovery Unplugged Treatment approach before calling out the next block of tracks. If you or your loved one are living in Miami and need help for drug or alcohol use disorder, contact Recovery Unplugged now.

“Vibrations from heavy base especially from some old school hip-hop helps clients with post acute withdrawal symptoms.”

Paul Pellinger
Paul Pellinger, Music is our Medicine