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The Blueprint for Healing through Music

Music Is Our Medicine discusses the evolution and ultimate realization of Paul’s idea of a music-centered rehab paradigm, and perfectly illustrates the therapeutic benefits of music and the ways Recovery Unplugged has harnessed them to help thousands of patients recover from drug or alcohol dependency.

Throughout this riveting work, Paul Breaks down, in candid detail, his approach to music-based addiction care. He also discusses the indispensable role of music in his personal journey, from the way he embraced it during his own recovery to his years of experience in the treatment industry to the establishment of the first Recovery Unplugged treatment center. The book outlines the numerous ways music can help patients heal from substance abuse, including simple appreciation and analysis, writing, performance and production.

At a time when opioid overdoses are at record highs and Americans of all backgrounds are more exposed than ever to different types of addiction threats, books like Music Is Our Medicine have never been more relevant or crucial.

“Our program uses music as a highly effective instrument to help clients recovery from addiction.”

Paul Pellinger

“Music communicates to the soul where long lasting change happens. Music can change your mood immediately, music  anchors you to the skill sets needed for long-term recovery, music is unifying.”

Paul Pellinger - Music is Our Medicine