Paul’s Story

Paul Pellinger has been using music to help individuals struggling with substance use disorder for nearly 30 years. He is an addiction treatment expert, Amazon bestselling author and lifelong music aficionado. All of these qualities were critical in helping him establish and run Recovery Unplugged Treatment Centers. After successfully embarking on his own recovery decades ago, Paul began using his insights and experiences to help others struggling with substance use disorder through his work at various treatment centers.

A Certified Addictions Counselor for over 25 years, Paul has also worked as a therapist. He was part of the movement to help create and design the Mental Health and Drug Courts in Broward County and worked as a court liaison to help guide defendants toward treatment in lieu of incarceration. He is now part of a new movement to help Recovery Unplugged implement a music-based addiction treatment approach to help all who need it.

Through his consulting company, Principle Path Services, Paul helped assist between nearly 40 treatment centers successfully obtain licensure and establish their operations. Paul Pellinger has deep love of music, and believes in its ability to heal. This belief gave him the impetus to start Recovery Unplugged and the entire music-based addiction treatment movement; one that has guided thousands of patients all over the country toward recovery and balanced mental health.

“I learned at an early age that music has of the power to motivate me, change my mood and help me remember things.”

Paul Pellinger

The Man Behind Musical Medicine

Paul has combined his decades of experience in the addiction treatment landscape with elements of his own recovery, and his deep love of music to create a proven and effective addiction care approach.

Exclusive Paul Interview

Paul Pellinger - Music Makes the Difference

Paul at Work

Paul Pellinger helps clients at Recovery Unplugged and educates the public about music-focused addiction treatment.