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WTKS Savanah Radio Interview

Listen to Paul discuss the stigma surrounding addiction and how it’s lead to significant barriers to treatment access, as well as his story and work at Recovery Unplugged.

WMNC North Carolina Radio Interview

Paul discusses the barriers to medication-assisted treatment and how they’re fueled by discrimination and negative perceptions, as well as how Recovery Unplugged uses music to engage existing treatment models.

KPNW Oregon Radio Interview

Paul chats with KPNW radio to discuss Medicaid and Medicare access to treatment and the role music can play in addiction care.

WJAS Pittsburgh Radio Interview

Paul discusses the importance of a fully formed treatment experience, including medications for eligible patients and music-based therapy.

ESPN Radio 93.5 Interview

Paul tells WSJK radio his story and how he developed the Recovery Unplugged treatment model of music-assisted addiction recovery, as well as his success.

WREC Memphis Radio Interview

Paul discusses the decades-long struggle of ending the stigma associated with alcohol and drug addiction, as well as how it led to the establishment of Recovery Unplugged.

Orlando News 6 WKMG TV

Paul sits down with Orlando’s News 6 WKMG TV to discuss the science behind the Recovery Unplugged treatment approach, and the key role that music can play in balanced mental health.

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Contact Talk Radio Network Interview

In an exclusive interview with Jennifer Whitacre from Contact Talk Radio Network, Paul Pellinger discusses how Recovery Unplugged began, and what we still do to continue the conversation about addiction and recovery.

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610 WIOD via Fox News Radio in New York City

Paul sits down with 610 WIOD via Fox News Radio in New York City to a study about 50% of new moms prescribed Opioids in the last decade.

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KOGO Interview

“Music is the only form of communication that speaks to the soul, where lasting change happens.”