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Paul Pellinger is a veteran of the addiction treatment industry, committed recovery advocate, author, and a pioneer in music-based addiction rehab. He is also the Co-founder and Strategy Officer of Recovery Unplugged Treatment Centers.

Paul spent decades developing a music-focused addiction rehab approach to help people more easily connect with existing evidence-based models than they do in traditional talk therapy. To date, his “musical medicine” modality has helped thousands of people embrace the treatment and recovery processes. It has also seen long-term (one year or more) sobriety rates five times higher than the national average; against-medical-advice (AMA) discharge rates five times lower than the national average; and a 95 percent client satisfaction rating.

Since 1989, Paul has been committed to reducing the stigma and negative perception surrounding addiction, and showing the world the critical role that music can play in the treatment and recovery processes. During his tenure as an addiction treatment professional, he has guided thousands of individuals toward long-term recovery.

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Music Is Our Medicine

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“If you can match lyrics up to what someone is thinking or feeling, it not only helps them express themselves, but it also anchors them to the concept, perception and behavior needed for long-term recovery.”

Paul Pellinger - Music is Our Medicine